Mustache Ornament

  • Plastic 4-3/4" wide mustache
  • Classy
  • Comes with string for hanging
  • Makes anything it hangs on more macho
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  • Your Christmas tree needs a hipster mustache

      The Mustache Ornament will allow you to cover your tree with a series of floating, disembodied mustaches. However, a truly amazing mustache will transcend the man it's on and achieve a kind of soup strainer perfection. A case of these were dropped on a primitive culture and they formed a mustache based religion that treats Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds as saints. Each of these 4-3/4" wide plastic Mustache Ornaments captures the proud tradition of mustaches past and present in a sleek and classy design. Hang one from your backpack or rearview mirror or put one on a Christmas tree to give it some gentlemanly flair! Comes with a string for hanging.