Two Grooms Cake Topper

  • 6-1/2" tall, fine hard plastic cake topper
  • Two dapper grooms in tuxedos, arms linked
  • White gazebo decorated with floral garland
  • Great wedding memento
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Item #: M6165


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  • Adam and Steve are getting married

      Marriage, that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream. Everyone needs a cake topper for that special day and we're here to make sure no one gets left out. You asked, so we're telling! This 6-1/2" tall topper is made of fine hard plastic. Two handsome grooms, decked out in tuxedos, stand arm in arm inside a festively decorated gazebo, ready to take the plunge together. Isn't love grand? (If these grooms don't look enough like you or your betrothed, we recommend a quick paint job.)