Unicorn Buttons

  • Set of three 1-1/4" pins
  • Pinback buttons
  • Looks great on your jean jacket or overalls
  • Celebrate your love of unicorns
Item #: M6623


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  • Pin a unicorn on your chest with pride

      This set of three 1-1/4” buttons lets you decorate with that most magical of all animals, the unicorn. The one-horned beastie will take your cloak, which is a bit of joke, and turn it into technicolor dreamcoat. Every trip to the grocery store will become an epic quest involving trolls, rainbows, giant ants, a cheese wall you have to eat through, glitter, a mopey centaur and treasure! I bet you never thought you’d get so much from a set of buttons. Great for days when it's inappropriate to wear your Unicorn Mask!