What can I do with Finger Feet?

Posted on February 19 2017

Finger Feet Dancing
We've heard rumors that some people think our Finger Feet are impractical. Nothing could be further from the truth! So, we thought we'd show a few of the hundreds of uses that came to us off the top of our collective head.
Finger Feet in underpants
The first use is to just relax in them. Pants are overrated!
Naked Finger Feet relaxation
You can also use them to REALLY relax. Clothes are overrated!
Horse human hand hybrid playing keyboard
What about a synthesizer-playing horse/human hybrid? I bet you didn't think of that.
finger fet kicking ball
Finger Feet kicking Darth Vader star wars
In the end, the most important use is defeating (tiny) evil in all its (miniature) forms. 
Now you can get Finger Feet in a dark skin tone! Yay!
Finger feet dark skin tone


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