USB Pickle Light - Ideal for Night Blogging

October 12 2016

USB Pickle Light in Package Attached to computer

This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring it back, leave a comment on this post and let us know. We still have plenty of geek and nerd products for sale, as well as pickle products!

Remembering the USB Pickle

It was 2012, Apple had just introduced Siri, Gangnam Style was rocking the charts and there were plenty of absolutely pointless USB accessories for your computerWe thought that we could create the most useless accessory. Why not just attach a glowing pickle to your laptop? People often asked why we didn't make it a memory stick or add some kind of practical purpose beyond just the pleasure you get from seeing a glowing pickle levitate next to your computer, but the sheer impracticality is what attracted us.

If you scroll down you can see our parody of Apple's Siri commercial using the USB pickle. 

USB pickle closeup

It's a pickle, for your computer, that lights up, you know, like you want

  • A pickle for your computer
  • Plug into USB port to make pickle glow
  • Device is 17" long
  • Has no real practical use, it's just a pickle

It's hard to keep up with technology these days, so why not invest in something that is almost entirely useless from the get-go? Introducing the USB Pickle! Plug it into any USB port, push the button and the pickle on the end will glow with a soft green light. Each 17" long device is made of plastic and features a flexible shaft so you can point your pickle in any direction you please. LED light. PC/Mac compatible.


USB Pickle, why am I empty inside? 
USB Pickle will you light up my keyboard while I night blog?
Thanks, USB Pickle, I guess life is worth living.


  • Olivia: October 04, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I recently got a Chromebook from my school and I have to do alot of work. I really want this back so it could make working on my Chromebook more fun.

  • Lavonda Prather: September 05, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    this is FANTASTIC i would probably buy it if it is not to pricey.

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