The first Super Awesome Show! of 2020

February 14 2020


It's the Super Awesome Show! David and Shana are your guides through the first batch of new Archie McPhee products in 2020. They'll give you the scoop on everything from our super realistic Finger Alien Hands to our hairless Bald Bigfoot. Just watch the video above!


Here's a weird, incomplete transcript!

David: So you may have noticed already how warm my thumb is. Well, it is wintertime. And you can see this Thumb Hat is available on the website and at our Seattle store. This is the thumb hat and it's for cool people. And then at the bottom, it says “no losers allowed.” 

Shana: I can really tell you're a winner. 

David: Thank you. A winner with a warm thumb. One warm thumb.

Shana: Oh, what's next? Okay. Playing cards. How about those? We have some new playing cards. We're classy like that. And they're beautiful. Pickle Playing Cards with pickle texture, the Pickle King and all of the pickle face cards. It cracks me up. I don't know why it's just so ridiculous. 

David:  I think in the end there's a picture of the pickle casino as well. 

Shana: Here's Pickle Joker.

David: The pickle casino that's become a running joke here at the office. Everyone loves the pickle casino. We have rubber chicken playing cards. Here's the joker from the Rubber Chicken Playing Cards. These are fun, funny, hilarious chickens. Scott King had fun designing the faces on these as well.

Shana: Available also at our Archie McPhee store and in the Rubber Chicken Museum

David: The Rubber Chicken Museum gift shop is the best place to buy Rubber Chicken Playing Cards. And what else do we have here?

Shana: We also have Bald Bigfoot. So this is, these are magnetic shards, you know the game, right? And you can turn him, you can put lederhosen on him. He can be kilt dude. And your favorite, which is space monkey. I love space monkey because he looks strangely familiar.

David: One thing you should know about this is this is the third draft bald Bigfoot cause first draft of it. We just removed all the hair from Bigfoot and left what was underneath and it was incredibly disturbing. Was it not? It was super disturbing. 

Shana: Cause I think that was called Naked Bigfoot, that would be the name of that product rather than bald Bigfoot, right.

David: Bigfoot all of his hair fell out via, you know, via male pattern baldness. Alien Finger Hands left and right! Alien hands, these glow in the dark. They are actual alien hands that appeared to a staff member while they were sleeping. They tried to abduct them. I won't mention any names. They are rather frog-like, And every time we would suggest a small change to the design to improve them the person who saw the alien hand was like, that's not what they look like. So these are authentic. They're authentic. They're not exactly the way we would have designed them, but they represent reality. Right? Exactly. Yeah. We had to go with reality on that one.

Shana: Okay. So what about this? We can do reality. Nothing's more real than leeches. Yes. This is the Leech Bandage and I'm going to say a special shout out to my friend Sarah and she knows why about leeches. We both watched the show Botched. Yes. About bad plastic surgery. They use leeches.

David: They do. On that show when someone having surgery has incredibly thin skin. They apply leeches around it because the leeches exerting flow through it. So then they have people who go in for plastic surgery that end up in bandages with real leeches attached to their face, which I think is poetic. So there is an actual medical use for leeches when they went balance your humours in medieval times where they'd be like, you have too much blood. That's why you're sick. So they'd apply leeches to you until you felt better or they would just cut you and let it bleed out.

Shana: Not, not real happy times.Not good times. But it's true. 

David: We have these Monster Claw Finger Puppets, which are also very beautiful and very realistic to a monster. When I've seen monsters, this is close to what they have, although I would debate the number of fingers. 

Shana: Oh well, that was kind of a big debate. Yeah. How many fingers do monsters have? 

David: And we did, we went with four. Yeah. So and you can get them in pairs. So they look really cool when you pick stuff up with them cause the colors are so bright. And you can scare people in a tiny way. Hold tiny, scary things. 

Shana: Scare people in a tiny way. Yeah. That's my new favorite line. What about these? Oh my gosh. Okay. So what are we going to do? Racing Reapers. These are beautiful Grim Reaper's with racing numbers on them and they’re pullbacks. So we pull it back like this and they race. So you pull the Reaper back and then let go. 

David: I don't want the reapers to go off the table and hurt themselves. And we also have Racing Possums. This is one of my favorites. And this would be another

Shana: If you pay attention to the show, if you're, if you're a return watcher, you'll know about Garbage World. Yes. Everything from Fly WIdow Game to Racing Possums.

David: And return of an old favorite of ours, which is the Finger Spork. Which as our cameraman pointed out. He used to eat with them incorrectly, in a way that gave him carpal tunnel. He would do this and try and eat. But you notice the curvature of your wrist at this point? Now he does sideways. There you go. So if you have them and you would like a short seminar on how to do it half is available to teach you how to eat with Finger Sporks without injuring your wrist. 


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