Sticknic 2018

Posted on July 27 2018

For the last four years, the Archie McPhee staff has participated in our annual Sticknic contest. The concept is a cooking competition where all the food needs to be transported from the pate to the mouth via a stick. All entries are judged on taste, presentation, and stick-ness. 

Speaking of judges, we are so lucky to have Nancy Leson, famous food critic, KNKX food commentator, and all around awesome person, and the owner of Archie McPhee, Mark Pahlow!

This year, the teams outdid themselves. Our Seattle store called their team, We Won Last Year and had some delicious entries. The graphics/IT team, Stickus Fantasticus, had a wizard theme. Our customer service/accounting team the Toastastics, featured floating toast and tomato soup on a stick! The winning team, Who Would Eat This, named themselves, with a slight spin, after the book about our company and their entries featured fantastic edible versions of old products.

In fact, Molly's winning dish was tiny little Martian Popping Things! Congratulations Molly! 

The winning team, Who Would Eat This, with Molly in the front!
Molly's winning dish. 
The eye-popping display of Who Would Eat This!
We Won Last Year!
Stickus Fantasticus!
Shana with an edible rubber chicken!
Our illustrious judges!
Casting spells on the judges did not work!
Tomato Soup on a stick!
A chainsaw-carved Avenging Narwhal impaling a cornish game hen!


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