Should I buy Finger Cat Paws? What can I do with them?

Posted on July 07 2017

Finger Cat Hands rubbing a cat (skinny)

Finger Cat Paws Rubbing a Cat

Finger Hands are one of our most popular products! So, when we sat down and tried to figure out how to top them we immediately thought of cats. Cats make everything better, right? That's when we came up Finger Cat Paws, the finger puppet that turns your fingers into tiny cat paws. As the box says, "Now... You're the Cat!"

If you just want to try them out, they come in a set of two. But, if you want all your friends and family to be cats, you'll want the bulk box of 36 Finger Cat Paws.

Let's look at some of the ways you can use them!

Finger Cat Paws chasing laser pointer

Chasing laser pointers!

Finger Cat Paws batting tassels

Batting tassels!

Finger Cat Paws knocking finger monsters off shelf

Knocking things off a shelf!

Poking finger cat paws under a door

Poking Finger Cat Paws under a door!

Finger Cat Paws in a cardboard box

Playing in cardboard boxes!

Finger Cat Paws knocking around a ball

Knocking around a ball!

These are just a few ideas. Imagine how great your Instagram account will be after you get a pair. These are the perfect photo prop for pretending you're a pussycat. 

Buy some here!

Finger Cat Paws with cat staring


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