Podcast ep 59: Local Kooks

September 23 2019

Bibo dressed as Frankenstein's monster wearing the high priestess of rubber chickens sash
What is a local kook? David sat down and made a list of qualities a local kook would have. Shana and Heff add their thoughts in defining this important subset of local celebrity. Also, Shana gets a present: a "High Priestess of Rubber Chickens" sash to wear with her rubber chicken dress! Plus, you shouldn't kick owls. Really. 

David's Qualities of Local Kooks

  1. All local kooks are local celebrities, but not all local celebrities are local kooks. 
  2. Great, memorable name or title.
  3. Outfit and accessory
  4. Catchphrase or schtick or complete silence
  5. Attached to a location (City or specific spot)
  6. Play well against a straight man (or woman). 
  7. Appears in local news more than once a year even if just in the background.
  8. Usually a true passion for what they’re doing. 
  9. Has fans or people that look forward to seeing them.
  10. Shop at Archie McPhee.

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  • Palmbumbler: October 14, 2019
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    Loved the Local Kook conversation and rules. I thought of a number of tv commercial kooks (Dick Balch, Jack Roberts) but I don’t think they really qualify since they were trying to get attention to sell cars and appliances. Another one I thought of was “Rockin’ Roland” – the guy who wore a rainbow Afro wig and held up a John 3:16 sign in key locations during sporting events so he’d be on camera.

    But ultimately a true local kook needs to come by it more naturally because they’re a kook whether or not a camera is around.

    Love the podcast!

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