Podcast ep 34: Chicken glitter, pie puns, and the first new products of 2019

Posted on February 09 2019


So much chicken! In this episode of Less Talk, More Monkey, Shana, David, and Heff go over the new products at Archie McPhee. Also, Shana talks about the pie party

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Inflatable Tiara

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  • Carol Curren: September 04, 2019

    I am looking for a rubber chicken with a larger body. The ones I have seen with the beak face are thinner in the body. I need one that has the sharper beak and a fatter body. Any chance?

  • Bob Larson: February 18, 2019

    In as much as February 19 is National Rubber Chicken Day, I am sharing with you the 2019 poem to commemorate this holiday:

    The special day is Two-Nineteen
    For you, who featherless are stricken.
    O poultry king with yolk-like sheen,
    Your polymers make our hearts quicken!
    Known far and wide for being good,
    Though not exactly finger lickin’,
    You’re the Little Egg that Could!
    We celebrate you, Rubber Chicken!

    Note: Because of National RC Day, there will be no postal delivery today, Monday, Feb. 18, which proves that this is a real holiday.

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