Podcast ep 11: Catalog 46

July 09 2018

In this episode, Shana Danger, David Wahl, and Scott Heff discuss the first section of the 46th issue of the Archie McPhee Catalog from 1996/1997. We didn't get very far, but we did discuss toilet paper, cannibalism and the Hokey Pokey Sounds Machine. 

See the pages we're discussing here!

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We also briefly discuss the time we gave someone a Cockroach Finger Puppet as a free gift and they thought it was... a body part. I found the customers email and it's posted below the picture.


      Yesterday I emailed you about receiving a rubber finger-sized "p*n*s" in
my order.  This morning I realized that I had passed your catalog on to
colleagues at work.  Needless to say, I would be mortified if any of them
were to receive such an item with their shipment.
      Have you discovered how this happened?  Can you assure me that this will
never happen again?  If your site has been one that had "sex toys" I would
not have ordered anything from you, nor would I have passed on the catalog.
      Please reassure me.
      thank you,
      B*** W****

Our reply:


I can assure you we don't sell sex toys and did not send you any sex
toys as a free gift. The item we were sending out as a free gift with
every order at the time you ordered was a cockroach finger puppet. This is different in several ways from a phallus.

1. It has antenna coming out of the top of its head.
2. It has wings.
3. When turned over, it has legs and a detailed cockroach's head with visible eyes.
4. It has a flat shape, not a cylindrical shape.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but in any case, the cockroach finger puppets are gone and won't be in any other orders.



Her reply:

Well, I evidently owe you an apology.  The rubber thingie, I am assured by
my colleagues, is a cock-roach.  Sorry about that.
       B*** W****


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  • Gordon Haas: July 10, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Just listened to Ep. 11 about catalog #46 and a title for a future biography of Mark Pahlow popped into my head: “Slimedog Millionaire”. Keep up the great work! __ GORDON

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