Lunch Lady Action Figure

April 21 2013

Lunch Lady Action Figure

This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring it back, leave a comment on this post and let us know. We still sell many awesome action figures. 

Memories of the Lunch Lady Action Figure

Modelled after an Archie McPhee staff member's actual memories of a long serving lunch lady from his grammar school days, this action figure came complete with a scoop she could hold in her hand, a proportionate serving station, a food tray and nine stickers of various kinds of food you can pretend to scoop. She has a hairnet, glasses and the caring face of someone who is worried about your nutrition but is about to feed you salty mush. If you scroll down the page, you can see a video of her in action.

This was a popular gift for beloved lunch ladies and lunch gentleman who had sense of humor about the stereotypes of their profession. We're glad they liked it. We love lunch ladies, feeding kids is important! 

Lunch Lady Action Figure
This Lunch Lady Action Figure will take you back to those glorious "hot lunch" days of sloppy joes, fish sticks and mini milk cartons. Each 5-1/4" tall, hard vinyl figure comes with a scoop, a food tray, a serving station and a sticker sheet featuring images of delicious hot entrées.
Lunch Lady Action Figure in Package
Lunch Lady Action Figure Serving Food


  • Jana: November 18, 2019
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    YES – she absolutely needs to come back. Timeless.

  • Mary Moyer: April 14, 2019
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    These are great gifts for Lunch Ladies and there are several of them all over the United States that would love this statue including myself. Please bring them back. I need one for a retiring lunch lady.

  • Kaye: February 23, 2018
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    My daughter needs this! Please bring back

  • neo: November 30, 2017
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    Bring this back, my mother runs a school cafeteria and needs this in her office.

  • Melissa Davis: November 23, 2017
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    please bring her back!!! My Sister in Law is a Lunch Lady… I so want one of these for her… It be perfect!!!so please PLEASE consider bringing her back… or if you have one in the back room somewhere? Please Let me know!!! I’d be your very best friend. I’d share your catalog even more than I already have!!!Thanks either way!

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