Kale, Pizza and Ham Candy Cane Taste Test and Review

October 16 2019


Truth be told, the employees at Archie McPhee probably aren't the best people to do a taste test of any kind of weird candy. After all, last year we did Mac & Cheese Candy Canes and clam-flavored Clamdy Canes!

That's why we were super excited when our newest employees (Kyle, Dylan, and Nick)  agreed to join us in a taste test of this year's crazy flavored candy canes. You'd think if you started working somewhere and they asked you to taste candy they'd be afraid to give your honest opinion, but these guys let us have it. One said the Kale Candy Canes taste like ferns. You'd think Pizza Candy Canes would have gone over well, but you have to watch to see what happened. Another told us that the Hamdy Canes "reeked" of ham. 

Just to round out the opinions, we got longer serving employees Shon and Yana to taste as well. But, their willingness to do more than just taste a straight candy cane shocked us!

First, we set the stage with candy canes and water. Each was set out like a lovely tray of appetizers at a fancy party. Ok, maybe not so fancy, but it sure looks festive right? 

We also provided a lined trash can in case any of the candy canes turned out to be too much for the participants. 

Watch to the end of the video to see how Yana went above and beyond to show how much she loves Hamdy Canes. We'll never look at mayonnaise the same way again. 

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