Inflatable Toupee

Posted on December 12 2016

Inflatable Toupee Howie model
This item has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. If you have a great memory of it or would like us to bring it back, leave a comment on this post and let us know. We have other great inflatable items!

Remembering the Inflatable Toupée

While the idea of a bad toupee is a universal source of hilarity, we charged ourselves with coming up with the worst possible toupee. Thus, the Inflatable Toupee! Of course, it does have a practical side for the bald. Deflated it would fold up neatly in your pocket in case you needed instant hair. Our buddy Howie, who has a fantastic sense of humor, agreed to be the model and an instant classic was born.

 Original Description

  • 9-1/2" x 5-1/2", made of vinyl
  • Inflates in one breath
  • Elastic loops go around your chin
  • Don't blow your cover

Instant hair when YOU need it

Just when you think we’ve lost it, we figure out how to top ourselves. This inflatable toupée is held in place with elastic loops that go around your chin. It's the perfect present for someone who thinks his toupée is invisible. You'll blow his cover!

Howie Modelling for Inflatable Toupee


  • Chall: December 11, 2019


  • Jim: April 05, 2019

    Interested if you bring it back please let me know. Mom

  • Carol Cohen: April 08, 2017

    RIP Inflatable Toupee. May your memory be a blessing.

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