Atlas Obscura on the perils of being Archie McPhee

Posted on July 01 2016

We love Atlas Obscura! So, when they asked if they could interview us about all the weird problems we've had trying to make cool novelties to share with the world, we immediately said yes. If you want to read about torpedos, biohazards and smoking babies this is the article for you!

Here's a taste:

But dealing in fringe products has led to some equally strange situations when problems arise. They’ve had whole shipments of paper watches burned by Customs, after they were accused of trying to import counterfeit goods. There was the time they almost got sued by a Big Tobacco company for encouraging children to light up, thanks to a “Smoking Baby” doll. Or even the lunch box with the “Biohazard” symbol on it that the U.S. Department of Transportation informed them was illegal to sell. “They pulled out a little used rule, which is that the biohazard symbol can only be used on containers that can actually contain biohazardous materials,” says Wahl. And then there are those cases where they almost threatened national security with their whimsy.


Read the whole article on Atlas Obscura


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