Wizard Cat Air Freshener
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  • 4-3/4” tall air freshener
  • Features Meowlin the Wizard Cat
  • Expresses the magical nature of cats
  • Scented with grape
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Item #: 12625


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Much more powerful than Hiss Angel

We know that all cats are magic, but Meowlin the Wizard Cat is the most powerful kitty magician! In fact, Meowlin can change dogs into mice, shed on all your clothes while they’re still hanging in your closet and knock things off your kitchen counter with the power of his mind. Magic! Meowlin decorates this 4-3/4” tall grape-scented air freshener. String for hanging included.

For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely. Do not put this product in contact with plastic, wood, cloth or any other easily stained material. Do not rest this product on dashboard or air vents.