Unicorn in Lederhosen Enamel Pin

  • Unicorn in Lederhosen enamel pin
  • 2” tall
  • Diecast metal and enamel
  • Pink fuzzy lederhosen are a thing
Item #: 12798


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  • We don’t know why a unicorn is wearing lederhosen, but we like it

      This person in a unicorn mask is wearing pink fuzzy lederhosen. What does wearing a 2” enamel Unicorn in Lederhosen say about you? It lets the world know that you mean business. Magical business. This enamel pin will dress up any outfit. Whether you’re dressing in your best pantsuit, beekeeper’s jumper or sleeveless jean jacket, you’ll carry a piece of our trademark weirdness with you. Diecast metal and enamel.