Top It Off Wine Bottle Stopper
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  • Wine stopper with top hat
  • 2" tall; made of rubber
  • Fits in most bottles
  • Snazzes up your already classy wine
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Seal your bottle with dignity, honor, and tradition

Make your wine stopper proper and dapper with this stylish capper. A Top It Off top-hat-shaped wine stopper lets the world know that you appreciate the finer things in life, but are frugal enough to want to save an open bottle of wine. The top hat tightly plugs most wine bottles, or any glass bottle, to create an air-tight seal. A wine top hat will make red wines look rakish and white wines blue-blooded! Perfect for a fancy party or just snazzing up your bottle during a Downton Abbey marathon. Put this on a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and it transforms into Ten Dollar Charles.