Top Hat Espresso Cup and Saucer

  • Hat-shaped espresso cup & saucer
  • Cup is 2" tall
  • Holds 2 oz. of liquid
  • Makes coffee formal and dapper
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Item #: 12329

$4.95 $12.00

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  • Excuse me, sir, it is polite to tip your cup to a lady

      The Top Hat Espresso Cup and Saucer makes it look like you're drinking your morning brew from a tiny hat! As you sit in the coffee house with your laptop, probably writing the next great American novel, you can tip your cup to each person who admires its hat-shaped awesomeness. Because we're fancy here at Archie McPhee, we no longer fill it and drink coffee from it. We don it and doff the coffee. When you get it filled, you can ask the barista to leave a little room in the crown, but if you don't, the saucer brim will catch anything that spills. The porcelain cup is begging to be filled with your favorite shot. This is the perfect gift for the dapper coffee drinker who views his or her java consumption as a formal event. Finally, your barista will take you seriously.