Ring For Service Bell
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  • 3-1/2" diameter, shiny nickel-plated bell
  • Just like the bells on hotel counters
  • Push down with your palm to make it ring
  • May or may not make bellhop appear
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Instant gratification at the push of a button

Wouldn't it be great to have a magic bell that made someone wait on you hand and foot? Well, now you can at least have the bell. This nickel-plated bell is the perfect gift for a new bride or groom that wants to gain an instant edge in their relationship. The base of the bell is 3-1/2'' in diameter and just like the bell on the counter of a hotel, you push down with your palm to make it ring. Why strain your voice with yelling or nagging when you can ring the bell as a signal to bring food or as a reminder that work needs to be done? Not recommended by marriage counselors.