Pirate Bandages
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  • 25 3" x 3/4" adhesive bandages
  • 3-3/4" tall metal pocket tin
  • Includes a small treasure to help fill your sails
  • Can be used on your booty
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Arrr! Sometimes even the savviest pirate gets an owie

Pirate Bandages are what pirates use when they get splinters from their peg legs or are pecked by their parrots. Pirates get hurt all the time, so if they use these skull-covered bandages, so should you. Good for injuries suffered while walking the plank, swabbing the deck or fighting the Kraken. You can even use these on your booty if you need to. Sometimes even pirates cry, so we've included a FREE PRIZE to help dry those rum-scented tears! Each metal pocket tin contains twenty-five 3'' x 3/4'' bandages. Latex-free adhesive.