Pickle Lip Balm
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  • 2-1/2" long tube, twist bottom dispenser
  • Features anthropomorphic pickle character
  • Delicious dill flavor
  • More effective and convenient than a real pickle
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Soothe chapped lips with dill-flavored Pickle Lip Balm

Dill-flavored Pickle Lip Balm saves you from having to rub an actual briny pickle on your lips in a delicious, but misguided, attempt to use pickle power to protect them. Ask your grandfather about how he used to have to carry around a dill pickle in his coat pocket all winter. I bet he'll look at you in complete disbelief. Fortunately, in these modern times, we can soothe our lips with a coating of Pickle Lip Balm. Sure beats carrying a dill pickle in your pocket! Each tube is 2-1/2" long with a twist bottom dispenser.