Lecherous Wolf Costume

  • Full body faux-fur suit, full head mask and rubber gloves
  • Adult size, fits most people, does not include boots
  • Practice your best wolf whistle
  • Great for chasing pigs and photos with sexy ladies
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Item #: M6426


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  • Stand out from the crowd wearing this Lecherous Wolf Costume

      With the proliferation of "sexy" Halloween costumes for ladies, it only makes sense for a gentleman to go as an old-timey lecherous big bad wolf. Imagine the photo-opportunities as you pose with all the women at a party in this get up. Also good for chasing people in pig costumes. This is an adult size costume that fits most people. Includes rubber gloves, full body suit and full head mask. Does not include boots for your feet.

      You know what's really terrible? People buy costumes, wear them and return them. That means we have to make a rule about returns for costumes. If you buy this and return it without opening the bag you will get a full refund. If you open the bag and don't wear it, there is a $50 restock fee. If you buy this and wear it, don't return it you cheapskate.