Krampus Tree Topper

  • 8-3/4” tall glass tree topper
  • Put Krampus on top of your tree
  • Reminder of what happens when you’re naughty
  • Good way to put a damper on all that Christmas cheer
Item #: 12651


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  • O, Krampus-baum, o, Krampus-baum, you punish all the naughty

      This Krampus Christmas Tree Topper sets a mood. Ornaments are nice, but a tree topper really defines a tree. Putting Krampus, the anti-Santa Claus, on top of your Christmas tree sends a strong message to the kids in your family, “Be good or else!” Now that’s Christmas spirit! This glass 8-3/4” tall tree topper slides easily over the pointy bit on top of your tree or it can stand on any flat surface.