Krampus Sweater

  • 2013 EDITION!
  • Horribly distasteful Christmas sweater
  • One size that fits no one well
  • The anti-Santa will punish the naughty
  • Limited quantity SOLD OUT!
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Item #: M6451


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  • Let's not forget the naughty children this year

      This is the 2013 edition of a limited quantity item! Last year's was mostly green, this year it's as red as an embarrassed ginger. Krampus is the anti-Santa Claus from Europe who punishes the naughty girls and boys on Christmas Eve. If you're bad, instead of bringing you presents, Krampus stuffs you into a sack so that he can eat you for dinner. This sweater tells the world that even though you weren't on your best behavior this year, you're still in the Christmas spirit. It's the perfect look for an ugly sweater party this holiday season. This one-size-fits-most sweater is sausage-casing-tight on a 2XL person and awkwardly loose on a medium frame. 100% Acrylic. Buy it fast—these won't last long!