Krampus Stocking

  • 16" long felt stocking
  • Featuring Krampus, the anti-Santa
  • Remains empty for bad boys & girls
  • A great threat around Christmas
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  • The stocking for all the naughty kids in your house

      The Krampus Stocking is a sure symbol that you've been naughty. You see, in the alpine countries, Krampus is the demon who accompanies Santa Claus on his rounds. While Santa brings presents to the good, Krampus puts the bad boys in girls in sack and beats them with sticks. He has recently become more popular in the U.S., but even if they don't know who Krampus is, your kids will get the message when they see the children cowering in fear as their bad little brother is put in Krumpus' sack. Wicked children beware when this Krampus Stocking appears on the mantle. A fun gift for parents of kids you don't like.