Hula Girl Air Freshener

  • 5-1/4" tall air freshener
  • Features Hula Girl
  • Smells like pineapple
  • Vacation is only a few months away
Item #: 12892


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  • Have a luau on your commute

      A Hawaiian vacation is a dream. If you’ve been to Hawaii, this Hula Girl Air Freshener will serve as a reminder of the people and places of the 50th state to join the union. If you’ve never been, you can imagine the last time you had a Mai Tai on your lanai as you sit in traffic. Smells like pineapple and comes with a string for hanging on your rearview mirror. Made of heavy cardstock.

      For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely. Do not put this product in contact with plastic, wood, cloth or any other easily stained material. Do not rest this product on dashboard or air vents.