Holiday Mustache

  • One striped mustache
  • Fits most adult faces
  • Pull off back to reveal adhesive strip
  • You'll be doing it elfy style
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$3.99 $4.95

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If you can't grow striped facial hair, we've got the answer

The Holiday Mustache shouts from the rooftops that even your facial hair is in the Christmas spirit! You're going out caroling in your best Christmas sweater and your Santa hat, but you know what will make the outfit? A festive red and white candy cane-striped mustache made of lifelike synthetic hair, that's what! Fits most human and elf upper lips.

This Holiday Mustache resembles the mustache that elves grow immediately after going through puberty. As children, elves eat so many candy canes that red dye builds up in them, resulting in ruddy cheeks, incessant merriment and pink sweat. Then, when they get their first facial hair, it comes out red and white striped. Actual elf mustaches smell of peppermint, but this one doesn't.