Hippo Attack Porcelain Mug

  • A 3-1/4" tall porcelain mug
  • Has fierce hippo head inside
  • Hand wash in water, dishwasher safe
  • Both deadly and adorable
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Item #: 12339

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  • The deadliest animal in the world is lurking in your java

      Sharks kill about 6 people a year, but hippos kill 300! This Hippo Attack Mug has an adorable, but deadly, hippopotamus that sits just below the surface of your coffee, waiting for you to drink enough to reveal its gaping maw. Put your child's chocolate milk in this mug and teach them an important life lesson—don't mess with hippos. The Hippo Attack Mug is a 3-1/4" tall porcelain mug with a hippo head on the bottom. Dishwasher and microwave safe.