Great Philosophers Finger Puppets
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  • Four philosopher finger puppets
  • Plato, Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche
  • 4" tall and made of soft fabric
  • Each has magnet for easy hanging
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Item #: M6481


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You've got the meaning of life on the tip of your finger

You thought that philosophy degree would never pay off, right? Wrong! Just imagine how smart you'll look acting out conversations between Plato, Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche when you buy these beautifully detailed fabric finger puppets. They can discuss the meaning of life and the nature of reality or they can team up to rescue a princess. It's up to you and the limits of your imagination. As Hegel said, "Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination. Let's go rescue that princess!" Each has a magnet on the back so it can stick to a metal surface when you're done playing.