Graffiti Eyes Tape
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  • 100 foot roll of 3/4" wide tape
  • Over 1000 pairs of eyes on each roll
  • Come in dispenser
  • Perfect for defacing pictures of Justin Bieber
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I can't take my eyes off of you, 'cause they're stuck there

What can you use Graffiti Eyes Tape on? Well, how about defacing magazines, Harlequin romance novels, yearbooks, advertising, newspapers and medical supply catalogs. You see, each 100 foot roll of Graffiti Eyes Tape has over 1,000 pairs of eyes printed on real transparent sticky tape. You could use it to personify a piece of office equipment or just use it to fix a tear in a piece of paper. You get a 100 feet roll of 3/4" wide tape in a dispenser. You could call it an eye-roll of tape if you wanted your pun-sensitive friends to groan at you.