Googly Eye Push Pins

  • 25 push pins
  • Each has a real googly eye on top
  • Holds things to other things
  • Personifies memos
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  • Your office supplies won't stop staring at me

      Yawn, push pins are so boring, we can't stand it. But Googly Eye Push Pins have pop and pizzaz. Regular push pins simply sit there in a cork board holding stuff up. These Googly Eyes Push Pins personify everything they touch. Whether it's children's art or a bill that needs to be paid, it will look much better with tiny eyes. These push pins have actual moving googly eyes on top, so they will jiggle around if you shake whatever they're stuck to. You get 25 Googly Eyes Push Pins that are 11 mm in diameter, which means you get 12 pairs and one bonus cyclops.