Gift Alarm

  • 2-3/4" motion detecting alarm for presents
  • Batteries included
  • Siren and flashing light when activated
  • Protect presents from Sneaky-Petes
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Item #: 12409


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  • Couple this with a stun gun for complete present protection

      Turn your Christmas tree into Fort Knox with the Gift Alarm.The whole point of wrapping gifts is so they'll be a surprise, not so people can peel back the paper and peep. This 2-3/4" tall Gift Alarm has a motion detector with a 4 foot range. If some lookie-loo tries to approach their stack of gifts, the alarm goes into DEFCON 1 with a loud siren and flashing red light. It's not Christmas specific, so you could also use this to protect the last piece of cake or your diary. Batteries included.