Giant Googly Eyes
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  • 1 pair of 7" diameter googly eyes
  • Adhesive back for easy attachment
  • Add life to forklifts, dumpsters & yachts
  • I always feel like that sofa's watchin' me
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Big googly eyes for when you need to personify big things

These represent the latest advancement in googly technology. Most googly eyes are pathetically small and only good for arts and crafts. These googly eyes are so huge that they can easily personify a kitchen appliance, yacht, or even a garage door. Peel off the back to reveal the adhesive, then stick them almost anywhere! If you'd like to see how much fun we had around the office with these, check out the additional images under the product photo—we're particularly proud of our forklift and have named her Bertha. Please don't mention her mustache. She's very sensitive.