Gertrude Ornament

  • 5" tall glass ornament
  • Beloved sidekick of J.P. Patches
  • A Seattle favorite
  • Comes with string for hanging
Item #: 12649


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  • Perfect for members of Gertrude's Gang

      Hot-tempered, assertive and vain, Gertrude clamored for the spotlight on the ever-popular J.P. Patches Show which ran on Seattle television from 1958 to 1981. Played by the talented Bob Newman, who portrayed many other characters on the show, Gertrude was a role model for women, and guys in shabby dresses, everywhere. This glass Gertrude Ornament is 5” tall. Includes string for hanging or can stand on its own.

      Bob Newman is donating all the royalties from this product to the Greater Northwest Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.