Fish Head Ornament

  • 5" tall shimmering fish head
  • Hangs by silver string loop
  • Perfect for fish head enthusiasts
  • If you don't get it, we can't explain it
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Item #: 12324


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  • You know what your tree is missing? A fish head

      This breathtaking Fish Head Ornament shimmers in the light and beckons humanity. He cries out to be nurtured— to be loved—yet he yearns to escape and swim freely. Do we clutch him close to our heart? We'd be forced to watch him metaphorically rot away. Maybe protecting him is the worst thing for him. Do we set him free into the cloudy future, keeping him only in our memories? He'd learn the hard way that fins and a tail (and a body, for that matter) are very important for swimming. Do not undertake this decision lightly, as this fish head's destiny rests in your hands. This paradoxical ornament is made from thin-walled plastic and includes a silver string loop for hanging. Each is presented in a clear acetate box.