Emergency Unicorn Sounds

  • Electronic sound maker
  • Produces four sounds at the touch of a button
  • Like talking to a unicorn
  • Batteries included
Item #: 12751


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  • Do you believe in unicorns?

      Unicorn sounds make life better. Sure, they sometimes just whinny and gallop, but other times they're about positive reinforcement and self-care. A lot of Archie McPhee customers are already unicorns, but if you’re not, wouldn’t you love to have a unicorn to hang around with all the time? This is the next best thing! This 3-1/2" electronic Emergency Unicorn noisemaker includes four phrases—You're Amazing, Glitter & Rainbows, Believe in Unicorns and Come Frolic! Great for irritating grumps who don’t believe in unicorns! Batteries included.