Clip-On Man Buns Handmade in Seattle

  • Man bun wig
  • Made in Seattle
  • Fake hair & metal clip
  • Hair color is random, probably won't match your real hair anyway
  • Do not sleep in clip-on man bun
Item #: M6534


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  • It’s like a tiny cushion for your brain

      In Seattle we know our coffee, computers and man buns. It’s hard to walk from the handmade organic cupcake place to the artisanal IPA brewery without seeing at least two or three bobbing on the backs of the heads of the bicyclists as they pass. So, Jackie at our Seattle store made up a batch of them for guys that just don’t have it in them to grow one of their own naturally. Wear one and you’ll be able to pass unharmed through farmer’s markets and that one aisle in Whole Foods that has the stuff for people way more into organic than you are. Made of fake hair with a metal clip on the back.