Big Head Squirrel Feeder

  • Vinyl 5-1/2" x 8" hollow squirrel head
  • Makes feasting squirrels look goofy
  • Hang feeder with string (not included)
  • Takes arrogant squirrels down a peg
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Item #: 12325


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  • Humiliate and feed squirrels at the same time

      If you get a Big Head Squirrel Feeder, you'll be able to simultaneously nourish and shame the squirrel population. Hang the feeder in front of a window or near a porch, fill it with something squirrels find delicious, and try to contain your excitement. When a squirrel sticks his head in for a snack, he'll look like he has a comically-oversized head and a goofy, bucktoothed smile. What a dweeb! Keep a camera nearby; you'll want to document the rodent ridicule. Perfect for birdwatchers, nature lovers, or anyone who thinks squirrels could use a lesson in humility. Feeder has holes in the ears for hanging with string (not included).