Bat Mask

  • Detailed latex bat mask
  • Fits most adult heads
  • Be a bat man or woman
  • This mask is terrifying
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Item #: M6529


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  • I'm a bat, man

      Bats are amazing animals. They have sonar, they eat a third of their weight in insects every night and GOOD GOD THEY ARE SCARY! This latex Bat Mask is pretty realistic which means wearing it and hiding it in a closet to surprise your significant other isn't so much funny as it is justification for your divorce. One is sitting on my desk as I write this, staring at me with its cold, expressionless eyes. Holy crap, I think it just moved. SEND HELP! PRESSING SAVE BEFORE IT REACHES ME!!! AHHHHHHhahdsaf adbf;aldkf!