World's Largest Underpants

  • 100% white cotton underpants with 100" waist
  • Convenient double flap in the front
  • Sturdy elastic waist for maximum comfort
  • Also makes great cape or picnic blanket
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Item #: 10891


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The award for largest underpants goes to...

These 100% cotton, size 98-100 underpants stretch the definition of briefs. Each high-quality undergarment has a convenient double flap in the front and a sturdy elastic band to fit around the waist for maximum comfort. They come in the traditional white only and will shrink a bit after washing.

These enormous underpants are even more than a hilariously humongous garment, they’re also a great source of entertainment. See how many people you can fit inside one pair of undies. You’ve heard of three-legged races? What about a race where pairs of contestants have to run while both wearing the same pair of the World’s Largest Underpants?

Keep a pair of these big briefs in your backpack or trunk. They’re incredibly versatile and you never know when they might come in handy. If you suddenly need a cape, windsock, picnic blanket or just an extra layer on a chilly day, these oversized underpants have got you covered. Please do not try using the World’s Largest Underpants as a parachute.