Have A Nice Lunch Bag

  • Insulated lunch bag with smiley face
  • 9" x 3" in diameter, made of nylon
  • Has zipper dangle on buckle handle
  • Lunch is a happy time
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  • Smile, it's time for lunch

      You're stuck at work or school and the day is dragging on. That single slice of toast you had for breakfast is long gone and your stomach is gurgling like a submerging narwhal. That's when you realize it's time for lunch and a big smile creeps across your face! This 9" diameter insulated nylon bag is really a giant smiley face. Can you think of better way to celebrate lunch? Since it keeps your lunch warm or cold, you can put pretty much any food you want in there. It also has a tiny secret pocket inside that we use for condiments, but you can fill with whatever you want.