Cat Tiki Mugs

  • Set of four 5-1/2" ceramic Tiki Mugs
  • Different color and cat on each mug
  • Hold 8 fl. oz.
  • Perfect for cool cats
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Item #: 12615


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  • Great for your next tiki purr-ty, no kitten

      Most tiki mugs look like grumpy old dudes, but these look like fantastic felines! You’ll look so cool drinking with a Cat Tiki Mug, even your cats might acknowledge you. Okay, probably not, but all your friends will. This set of four feline-themed ceramic mugs turns even a boring glass of water into a purr-ty. You can use them for any tiki-themed drink, but best used for a glass of milk or a White Russian. Each 5-1/2” tall mug holds 8 fl. oz.