Jean-Paul Sartre Enamel Pin

  • Jean-Paul Sartre enamel pin
  • 1-1/2” wide
  • Diecast metal and enamel
  • Features Jean-Paul saying his catchphrase
Item #: 12796


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  • Hell is other people’s pins

      If John-Paul Sartre was a Saturday Night Live character, he would be constantly put in frustrating situations and then finally shout his catchphrase, “Hell is other people!” Now, you can wear this 1-½” enamel pin that features his likeness. When you’re frustrated with people, just point at it. This enamel pin will dress up any outfit. Whether you’re dressing in your best pantsuit, beekeeper’s jumper or sleeveless jean jacket, you’ll carry a piece of our trademark weirdness with you. Diecast metal and enamel.