Bacon Mints - Bacon flavored breath mints

  • Contains about one hundred mints
  • 2-1/3" x 1/2" collectible metal tin
  • Smells & tastes like bacon
  • A must-have for carnivores with bad breath
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Item #: 11706


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  • The smoky taste of bacon with just a hint of mint

      Bacon Mints are the breath mint with a hint of smoky bacon layered on top of a dollop of minty freshness. They're so good you'll want to share them with everyone you meet. (Or at least dare everyone you meet to eat them...) Bacon mints are great after BBQ or a BLT. They'll take your breath from pig pen to perfect ten! Each 2-1/4" x 2" x 1/2" tin contains about one hundred mints.bacon_seal.gif

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