Amazing Hypno Glasses

  • Lenticular glasses with hypnotic spiral
  • High quality plastic frames
  • Swirls appear to move when you move your head
  • Comes with instructions that might work
Item #: 12469


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  • Make the world do your bidding (allegedly)

      Before we talk about Hypno Glasses, let's take a moment to relax. That's better, right, your breathing is getting regular and your eyelids are feeling a bit heavy. In fact you are feeling very sleepy. As you drift into a state of suggestibility, let us suggest that you buy these lenticular glasses in high quality plastic frames. As you move your head, the spirals in the glasses appear to twirl in a very calming way that allegedly puts people into a hypnotic state. When we snap our fingers, you will wake up feeling refreshed and want to order twelve dozen Amazing Hypno Glasses. Snap. Feeling good? Just press that "buy now" button right above this text.

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