Masterpiece Air Freshener - Mona Lisa

  • 4” tall air freshener
  • Features the Mona Lisa
  • Makes car like a museum
  • Pine Scent
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Item #: 12622


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  • She’s smiling because it smells good

      Turn your car into a smelly museum with an aromatic masterpiece! This Mona Lisa Air Freshener has a pine scent as common as she is unique. It is 4” tall and includes a string for hanging. If Leonardo da Vinci were driving around in a Honda Civic, this is the air freshener he would use to keep it smelling sweet. (He has been dead for a long time, so it would be pretty rank in there.)

      For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely. Do not put this product in contact with plastic, wood, cloth or any other easily stained material. Do not rest this product on dashboard or air vents.