Tentacle Mustache

  • 5-3/4" wide vinyl mustache
  • Attaches to nose with gentle clip
  • Looks like you have an octopus in your nostril
  • This is what undersea Geraldo Rivera would look like
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Item #: 12195

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  • What do you get when you cross a gentleman with a squid?

      We've combined our love for mustaches with our love for cephalopods to create the most disturbing and compelling upper lip accessory the world has ever seen—the Tentacle Mustache. Each 5-3/4" wide soft vinyl Tentacle Mustache attaches to your nose with a clip and makes you look like a cross between a sophisticated gentleman and a squid. Perfect for blind dates, sushi bars and that calamari eating contest you've been challenged to. If Cthulhu was a hipster, this is the mustache he would have.