Mustache Jumbo Magnet

  • 26-1/2" wide magnetic mustache
  • Fancy facial hair for your car, fridge or tool shed
  • Quick disguise for getaway cars
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Item #: 12117

$7.99 $14.95

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  • Your refrigerator looks so clean shaven, have you considered a magnetic mustache?

      Everything looks better with a mustache, right? But, one of the nice things about mustaches is that you can shave them off. This 26-1/2" wide magnetic 'stache is perfect for dressing up your fridge or tool shed and when you're done, you can just pull the magnet off and save it for the next time you need facial hair on a steel object. Makes metal more macho through magnetism. Now with printed visible hairs on the mustache! It's MAG-nificent!