Googly Eyes Drink Markers

  • Set of 4 assorted drink markers
  • Has real googly eyes embedded
  • Personifies your drink
  • The more you drink, the funnier they are
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  • Pop off the top of his head and drink him down

      Slip one of these Googly Eyes Drink Markers around a regular size bottle or can and you've done two amazing things. One, you've marked it so you won't confuse it with anyone else's drink. Two, you've turned it into a tiny person. These are differently colored reusable silicone bands with real googly eyes embedded in them with moving pupils. The only drawback is that you'll find yourself feeling like you're drinking its bodily fluids every time you take a sip. Sorry, Mr. Beer! Each comes in a pack with four assorted colors. (It kinda makes your drinks look a bit like ninja turtles!)